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Traditional automotive paints that use solvents as a curing mechanism emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other substances as they dry.  VOC’s are one of many substances that can contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone or smog.  Based on standard calculations of paint use in collision repair shops scientists estimate that the switch to waterborne coatings prevents nearly 10 million pounds of VOC emissions.  Similarly, more than four million pounds of “hazardous air pollutants,” or HAPs, are eliminated.  U.S. Congress has identified more than 188 HAPs which, under certain circumstances, may cause adverse health and environmental effects.

Waterborne paints have many advantages. They release less VOCs into the atmosphere, they produce less toxic waste during cleanup and they can provide a better color match than solvent-based paints. Not every collision shop has the facilities to use waterborne paints due in part to the cost of replacing equipment which works with the waterborn paints. But here at Vintage we’re at the leading edge of paint technology, utilizing FINISHMASTER and ENVIROBASE waterborne paint systems that that offers multi-dimensional shine with an environmental-friendly edge. We’re proud to have invested in the technology to use paints that are safer for the environment, our workers and the surrounding community.

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